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About THN Studio

THN Studio is an American high-tech imaging production company.

THN Studio, based on its color research and distinctive image processing techniques, strives to offer its clients the best images in terms of attractiveness, creativity and high technology.

Leadership in hi tech video production: THN Studio produces videos that are fully compliant with modern specifications such as 8K Super UHD Rec. 2020. Being fully compliant with the modern standards allows THN Studio videos to be used as reference videos for your new state-of-the-art output devices.

Hi-tech videos from THM Studio are designed for the presentation of new TVs, video walls, projectors and other devices. THN Studio artists are pioneers in 8K video creation and have been creating these images since 2016, when they created videos for presentations of the world's first 8K TV Samsung Q900.

THN Studio's videos have been used for mission critical applications by leading electronics vendors such as Samsung, LG-Display, confirming the high technical quality of THN Studio's images.


The company was founded by Andrey Denisyuk and Nataliya Denisyuk.

Andrey Denisyuk. His video was used by Samsung to unveil the world's first 8K TV Samsung Q900 and to promote its 8K TV lineup. His videos are different in that they convey the atmosphere of places, fully immersing the viewers into the travel destination.

Having received his education at the Faculty of Physics of Moscow State University, one of the best scientific universities in Russia, even in the creative profession he remained faithful to his alma mater - physics. His education allows him to deal with art video projects of the highest technical complexity: from engineering complex devices for shooting (motion control, ultra-high resolution for video filming) and up to creating standard video in color gamut for new TVs on the new Quantum Dot technology. 

Nataliya Denisyuk.  Since 2017, Nataliya Denisyuk creates 8K videos. She was a part of the team that was researching the colorspace, REC.2020 and methods of shooting in 8K resolution. Nataliya worked on creation of Demo Video for presentation TV's Samsung Electronics and 8K films for Samsung Korea. 

THN Studio’s Core Values.  

The goal of THN Studio is not only to create the best images in the world, but to convey the beauty of the planet in their images. The artists of THN Studio have been shooting in Asia, Europe, and America.


By creating their content, the artists of THN Studio showed millions of people the beauty of nature, the attractiveness of unique places in the world, the grace of cities, and set as their goal the formation of a respectful attitude to nature and the preservation of the environment.


THN Studio sees it as its mission to preserve the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Through THN Studio videos, millions of people from all over the world have seen the Historic Parks of Thailand.

Mission of THN Studio: THN Studio creates innovative video of modern standards (such as 8K Super UHD Rec. 2020). Thus, it is an important creative link in the transfer of technical standards into real life. By providing for use (licensing) for manufacturers of TV devices, THN Studio contributes to the development of hi tech and creates a new high-tech future and the promotion of new technologies for a wide range of consumers.

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