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Our Work


Hi Tech video for the presentation of the New TV Model.

Our authors have created a video for the presentation of Samsung Q900 TV.
The Samsung Q900 is the world's first TV to feature 8K Super UHD resolution.
Samsung Electronics is the world's leading electronics manufacturer.


Our videos were the first videos to be shown on the first 8K TV Q900. They were seen by the visitors of the exhibition, and through the reports they were seen by viewers from all over the world. In fact, our videos were images of this TV. We can say that for millions of people, 8K TV is associated with our videos.


This presentation was at IFA Berlin. September 2018.

8K Super UHD Rec.2020 film. 

Our authors have created Visual FIlm for use in TV Store and like Gift for Customer TV for Samsung Korea.

Samsung Korea is a distributor of Samsung Electronics products in Korea. Our film has been used to showcase the capabilities, color, resolution and promotion of 8K TV in stores and exhibitions throughout Korea. Also our movie was a gift for 8K TV buyers.

Korea. 2019.

Creative Image (still and video) for various applications.

Our authors create creative images. They are used in a wide variety of areas where creative solutions are required. They are used by companies of various profiles to create and promote their brand, advertising, website design, documentaries and feature films, in their videos, printed materials, and many other tasks.

Footage and Photo for Mass Media (Editorial Use)

We create photos and videos that are in demand by the leading Mass Media of the world. These videos are used to create reports, documentaries, to illustrate in articles, on Mass Media websites, in newspapers and magazines, and TV news channels.


Our videos are used by such well-known companies as  20th Century Fox Television, ABC News, AE Television Networks, American Media, Bloomberg, Business Insider, CBS, Cheddar Inc., Buzzfeed, CNBC, CNN, CONDE NAST DIGITAL, Digital Trends, Dow Jones & Company, E Online, E News TV, ESPN, Financial Times, Forbes, Fortune Magazine, Fox News, Galaxy Media, Golf Channel, Group Nine, Meredith, Microsoft Multimedia, National Geographic, NBC, New York Observer, New York Post, Time, Universal Television, Vice, Vix, Viacom, ViacomCBS, Warner Bro, Yahoo Entertainment,  FOXTEL (Australia), RTBF (Belgium), Corus Television (Canada), RADIO FRANCE (France), EWE TEL (Germany), RTL DISNEY Fernsehen (Germany), Rai Radiotelevisione (Italy), NHK (Japan), MBC (Republic of Korea), LG Display (Republic of Korea), Al Jazeera (Qatar), Match TV (Russian Federation), SRG SSR (Switzerland), Asharq News Services (United Arab Emirates), The Economist Newspaper Limited (United Kingdom), Ink Publishing (United Kingdom), Financial Times Video (United Kingdom), Discovery Corporate Services L (United Kingdom), Trailer Park (United Kingdom), Newsroom Ai Ltd (United Kingdom) - AI Global Media, Cambridge University Press (United Kingdom), CNBC UK Limited (United Kingdom), ITN Limited (United Kingdom).

Documentary Films

Our documentaries feature famous historical sites such as Thailand's historic parks, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. These films can be used as video articles for magazines. Or they just tell a nice story :-)

Historical parks of Thailand 8k/4k
Story 1: Times Square. 5 Beautiful Stories of New York City
Story 2:  A Walk Down 42nd Street. 5 Beautiful Stories of New York City
Story 4: Central Park of New York. 5 Beautiful Stories of New York City
Story 5: Best Views of New York City. 5 Beautiful Stories of New York City
Top Amazing Attractions in New York. 8K/4K. Travel Guide
Story 3:  The Metropolitan Museum of Art. 5 Beautiful Stories of New York City
Concept of video article for actual glossy magazine. Introduction of Boston


Hi tech Video

Creative Footage

Footage for Mass Media (Editorail Use)

Still Image

Concert Photography

A distinctive feature of our concert photographs is the transfer of emotions through the portraits of the artists and the transfer of the atmosphere of the event.

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