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THN Studio offers the following products and services:


Hi Tech video. 

THN Studio creates videos that meet the most modern standards for today.

The hallmark of our videos is that they are accurate to specifications. Our videos are rigorously tested to ensure they accurately match the color specifications of the video standard. In addition, our videos were cross-checked by the technical departments of our customers. All this allows you to use our videos as “reference” videos when testing your devices.


Our videos are the result of our unique shooting techniques, our color research, amazing locations from around the world and the creativity of our creators. All this creates an art picture of our videos that will catch the viewer's eye. This allows you to use our videos to present your TV devices, to advertise your products.


In addition to using our ready to use videos, we offer you a hi-tech video creation service specially for you. In addition to creating individual videos, we are ready to make for you a presentation video, advertising video, video or documentary film which will fully comply with the latest video standards.

Creative Video.

We license our creative videos through the stock agency iStockPhoto.


As a rule, we create our creative videos based on real shooting. We love to travel, so you can find videos from all over the world. We have been researching color which allows us to create videos of great brilliance, similar to the beauty of photographs, sometimes more colorful than reality itself.


We add elements of CGI (computer generation image) to this reality, which turns our work into an art fairy tale.


Combined with 12 years of experience and the creativity of our creators, our Creative Footage creates a new reality on your monitors and TV.


You can use our ready-made images for your various tasks.

Video for Mass Media.

We license our creative videos through Getty Images Stock Agency.


Our videos for “editorial use” are distinguished by their creative processing.

As a rule, a reportage or a documentary is a video filmed as it is. By including our video for editorial use at the start or the end of your story, your story will look like a feature film.


In addition, if you need to tell about an event that takes place in another country, you no longer need to send a film crew - you can use our videos to illustrate your reportage.

Travel photo.

We are licensing our photographs through the stock agency Getty Images.


We are pleased to offer you great photos from all over the world. Our photographs are suitable both for illustrating your articles and as creative images for site design, use in advertising and publications, in your other printed products.

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